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Prices - Day
OPEN | Monday-Friday 06:00-22:00 | Saturday 07:00-15:00 | Sunday, at request

Pallets Handling

Cumulative tariff in & out
2,6 eur / Epal
70 eur / full-truck, aprox 27-33 Epal

Bulk handling*

Cumulative tariff in & out
0,8 eur / unit

*maximum dimension/pc: 60x60x60 cm

*maximum weight/pc: 30 kg


Duration Price
0-12 hous Free
> 12 hours 0,3 eur / Epal / day
0,35 eur / non Epal / day

* an administration fee of 2 eur / logistic order will additionally be billed
** the above prices are expressed in eur and do not include VAT; if billed in other currency, NBR day exchange rate will be considered
*** the above prices are considered for pallets up to 140 x 140 cm
**** For Saturday and Sunday operations, the night prices will be considered

Crossdocking services

24/7 - NON STOP

Crossdocking 24 hours / 7 days

Your program is also our program. You may access services anytime for temporary storage and crossdocking so that you do not hold the truck in place. The first 24 hours of storage are free.

Sorting, packaging and labeling

You wish to split a truck or a set of pallets in several deliveries. Consider it done! Furthermore, you can re-label your goods with your data before reaching their destination.


You do not want to undertake fully transhipment? You have 24 hours free storage in our A class warehouse, qualified personnel and electro-mechanical handling equipment. Your good are stored at the highest standard.


Total control over your goods integrity - all crossdocking operations are supervised and recorded on video support; Packaging details are photographed.

Local distribution

You have customers in Bihor County? Ask our offer for the local distribution. We deliver throughout the county on daily basis.

National distribution

We are present through our partners on most routes of transport in the country. Your goods can thus reach their destination at the best price and in the shortest time. (Max 48 hours)


Class A warehouse and 24/7 crossdocking facilities

You can easily find us on DN1 road, at the entrance in Sintion village, next to the Peugeot showroom


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